Medium Sized Business

Medium Business Solutions

BUSY is a trusted GST ready business accounting and inventory management software designed to fulfill all the requirements of medium sized businesses like wholesellers, distributors with integrated tools of Orders, Quotations, Billing, Inventory Management, stock, salesman/broker commission, party wise item pricing/discount, bar code, GST returns, auto e-way bill, financial accounting, MIS reports and many other tools your team to collaborate and get more done.

Easy to Use


Busy accounting software is known for its simplicity. It's very easy to learn and you can work with basic knowledge of accounting.


Simple Dashboard

You can configure your dashboard as per your choice to get latest updates related to your business on a single screen dashboard.

Multiple Location

Multiple Branches

Busy provide simplify and automate the process of centralised billing and inventory of multiple locations / branches.

Multiple Godowns

Multiple Godowns

You can maintain multiple godowns (Material Centre) in a single company and track their stock items.

Salesman Wise Reports


Get salesman and broker wise sales, purchase, payment and receipts reports and commission reports

Party Wise Pricing

Party Wise Pricing

No need to remember pricing, you can set different types for pricing and discount models for your each customers and vendors.

Sales Quote


Create and provide clear and professional sales quotes to your clients or customers according to their requirements.

Sales / Purchase Order

Order Processing

Create, send and maintain records of sales and purchase orders, so that you can track and complete order delivery.

Payment / Receipt

Qutstanding Analysis

You can easily track the payment and receipts of total amount party wise, bill wise, due date and credit periods.

Email and SMS

Email / SMS

Send email and sms direct to your clients and vendors directly from Busy accounting software related to vouchers.

Multi Languages

Multi Language

Busy provide facility to print invoices, vouchers and reports in multiple languages like hindi, english.


Item Bar Code

Item Bar Code generation and printing is an additional feature which helps you to generate and print items barcode labels.

Busy Mobile App

Busy Mobile App

Busy accounting software has released an Mobile App for Android users, now busy users can track their accounting data on the go.

Data Exchange

Data Exchange

BDEP (BUSY Data Exchange Platform) provides a bridge for fast and secure exchange of Invoices among BUSY Users.

GSTR 2 Reconciliation

GSTR Reconciliation

Busy makes your GST return filling process easy with in built GSTR reconciliation & error correction features.

E Way Bill

E-way Bill

In-built E-Way Bill making and priting solution at the time of billing. No requirement to login on the E-Way Portal

Features List

  • Multi-Company / Multi-Financial Year.
  • Pre-defined Masters for Instant Start.
  • Multiple Voucher Series for each Voucher Type.
  • User-definable Optional Fields in Masters / Vouchers.
  • Voucher Entry While Viewing Reports & vice-versa.
  • Voucher Cancellation.
  • Search, Sort, Filter and Group all Screen Reports
  • Reports Export (Plain File / HTML / PDF / MS-Excel)
  • Printing in DOS / Draft Mode
  • Drill Down from All Reports to Voucher Level
  • Print Preview
  • Graphs and Charts
  • User Definable Shortcuts / Favourites Menu
  • Party Dashboard at the time of Voucher Feeding
  • Images / Notes in Account / Item Masters
  • Option to Change Labels & Captions in Data Entry Forms
  • User-definable Columns in Reports
  • Custom Validations in Masters / Vouchers
  • All Books of Accounts.
  • Balance Sheet with various Schedules.
  • Outstanding Reports - Bill-by-bill basis.
  • Daily / Monthly Summaries of Accounts / Groups.
  • Printing of Bank Deposit Slip.
  • Configurable Payment Reminder Letters.
  • Depreciation Chart (As per Co. Act / IT Act).
  • Ageing Analysis on FIFO Basis.
  • Interest Calculation with Automatic Posting in Accounts.
  • Bank Re-conciliation.
  • Columnar Accounts Registers (Configurable).
  • Handling of Post-dated Cheques (PDC).
  • Configurable Balance Sheet & Profit / Loss A/c
  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Cost Centres
  • Salesman/Broker-wise Reporting
  • Royalty Calculation
  • Sub-Ledgers
  • Multi Location Inventory.
  • All books of Inventory.
  • Stock Ledger.
  • Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods.
  • Multiple Material Centres.
  • Daily / Monthly Summaries of Items / Item Groups.
  • Item Critical Levels (Reorder / Minimum / Maximum).
  • Stock Ageing on FIFO Basis.
  • Sales / Purchase Return in Sales / Purchase Vouchers.
  • Provision for FREE QTY in Inventory Vouchers.
  • Primary, Alternate and Packaging Unit for each Item
  • Batch-wise Inventory with Mfg. / Expiry Date
  • Item Serial Number-wise Tracking
  • Parameterized Stock Maintenance (Size, Colour etc.)
  • Multiple Price-Lists for Items
  • Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Item Groups
  • Item-Qty-wise Price / Discount Slabs
  • Date-wise Item Pricing
  • BOM / Production Planning
  • Production / Unassemble
  • Accounting in Pure Inventory Vouchers
  • Job work Management with Auto Posting in Accounts
  • Define Period-based Schemes (Date & Time).
  • Scheme on the Basis of Item / Item Group / Invoice Amount.
  • Apply Price / Discount / Free Quantity on the Basis of Scheme.
  • Sales / Purchase Qutotations
  • Sales / Purchase Order
  • Sales / Purchase Challan
  • Purchase Indent Management
  • VAT Invoicing (Tax / Retail).
  • GST Invoicing (Local / Inter State).
  • Multiple Taxes in Single Invoice.
  • Tax Inclusive / MRP Billing.
  • Fully User-Configurable Invoicing.
  • Partywise Item's Pricing, Discounts, Last Billed Price.
  • Mfg / Trading Excise Invoicing.
  • POS Data Entry Screen for Fast Billing
  • Amount Satellement Details Via Cash, Credit / Debit Card etc.
  • Standard Document Printing.
  • User-configurable Invoice / Documents / Letters.
  • User-configurable Accounting Vouchers.
  • VAT / GST Summary.
  • Party-wise VAT / CST / GST Summary.
  • Item-wise VAT / CST / GST Summary.
  • ST Forms Receibavle / Issuable.
  • ST Forms Reminder Letters (Configurable).
  • Sale-in-Transit Register.
  • VAT Returns (State-specific).
  • VAT e-Returns (State-specific).
  • VAT Registers (State-specific).
  • Columnar VAT Registers (Configurable).
  • GST Returns.
  • GST Register.
  • Service Tax
  • Cash Flow / Funds Flow.
  • Ratio Analysis.
  • Masters / Vouchers Statistics.
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis.
  • Profitability Reports (on various parameters).
  • Budgets / Targets / Credit Limits
  • Multi-Company Results
  • Production Variance Report
  • User-definable Warning Alarms.
  • Data Freezing (Full / Selective).
  • Fully User-definable Access Rights.
  • Restrict back-dated entries (Full / Partial).
  • Voucher Audit
  • Option to bind Data / User with Selective Computers
  • Data Checklist
  • Pop-up Calculator.
  • Year-wise Data Back-up and Restore.
  • Price-List Printing.
  • Label Printing (Accounts / Items).
  • Merging of Account / Item Masters.
  • Voucher Replication / Duplication.
  • Powerful Query System to Serach Data on Different Criterion.
  • Search Party from Name / Mobile / Email.
  • Block / De-activate Accounts / Items.
  • Import Masters from MS-Excel / Text File.
  • Import Vouchers from MS-Excel.
  • Data Export / Import (XML)
  • Direct E-mail / SMS to parties
  • SQL Query Executor
  • Notes / Task Manager
  • Automatic Data Backup (Client-Server editions only)
  • Message Center
  • Sales / Purchase Qutotations.
  • Sales / Purchase Order.
  • Sales / Purchase Challan.
  • Purchase Indent Management.
  • Configurable Salary Components (Earnings & Deductions).
  • Employee-wise Salary Structure (Configurable).
  • Outstanding Reports - Bill-by-bill basis.
  • Daily / Monthly Salary Calculation.
  • PF / ESI Registers and Returns.
  • Loan / Advance Management.
  • Automatic Posting in Accounts.
  • Enquiry Management (from Receipt to Closure).
  • Support Management including Item's Warranty.
  • AMC tracking.
  • Work in Offline & Online Mode.
  • Automatic Data Merging Between HO & BO (Offline Mode).
  • Branch-wise Reporting.
  • Web Based Reporting Through Your PC / Mobile / Tablet.
  • Account / Item Balances on your Mobile Through SMS.
  • Ledger / Pending Bills / Daily Sales Thorugh Email.
  • Customers Can View their Ledger / Pending Bills on their Own.
  • VAT Invoicing (Tax / Retail).
  • GST Invoicing (Local / Inter State).
  • Multiple Taxes in Single Invoice.
  • Tax Inclusive / MRP Billing.
  • Fully User-Configurable Invoicing.
  • Partywise Item's Pricing, Discounts, Last Billed Price.
  • Mfg / Trading Excise Invoicing.
  • POS Data Entry Screen for Fast Billing
  • Amount Satellement Details Via Cash, Credit / Debit Card etc.

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